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What better way to get through your arvo than hanging wtih your mate Jamie playing banging tunes on Radiowest.  It's all about communication so Jamie often opens up the phonelines to get your experiences and your stories on the air.

About Jamie

Jamie loves busting out the West's greatest hits each day on Radiowest!


In a former life Jamie was a Big Brother housemate and in his distinguished radio career has gone to great lengths for entertainment.  This includes; riding a bull in a rodeo, shaving a mayor's moustache, eating hot chillies and being waxed on air!  We don't know what he will do next but we do have medics on standby!

Jamie riding a bull

Jamie getting his chest waxed

SOUTHERN CROSS AUSTEREO – PROMOTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS© Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd – 2013SCHEDULE TO CONDITIONS OF ENTRYPromotion RadioWest’s Rockepedia QuizPromoter NameRadioWest Bunbury - Spencer Street, Bunbury, WA 6230RadioWest Esperance – 8 William St Esperance WA 6450RadioWest Albany - 171 York St Albany WA 6330RadioWest Bridgetown –78 Giblett Street, Manjimup, WA 6258RadioWest Kalgoorlie - 89 Egan St Kalgoorlie WA 6430RadioWest Kataning – 121 Clive St Katanning WA6317RadioWest Merredin - 1 George St Merredin WA 6415RadioWest Northam - 125 Fitzgerald St Northam WA 6401RadioWest Narrogin -19 Fortune Street, Narrogin, WA 6312Website(s) 04 November 2013 at 12.00pm WSTCloses 31 January 2014 at 16.00pm WSTAn individual day during the Promotional Period is known as a Contesting Day.Entry Restrictions Entrants must be at least 16 years or older.Relevant State Entries are restricted to residents of Western Australia.Maximum Entries Unlimited.Entry Procedure To enter, entrants must, during the Promotion Period:1. The Promoter will broadcast a cue to call the station competition line, and will take random callers to play a quiz.2. Callers must correctly answer the all ten questions correctly.3. If answered incorrectly, no prize will be awarded and another entrant into the Promotion will be chosen. If the entrantanswers all questions correctly, they will be deemed the daily winner and will be placed into the draw to win the weeklymajor prize.4. At the time of the cue to call and or after the entrant has won, the Promoter will announce on air the prize.5. The Promoter will judge whether the entrant has answered all questions correctly to determine up to seventy-five (75)Major Prize Winners.Judging Details Date: 04 November 2013 – 31 January 2014Time: Between 1.00pm and 4.00pmLocation: RadioWest, 1 Spencer Street Bunbury, WA.Judging Criteria: The Promoter will Judge whether the entrant has answered the questions correctly.Throughout the Promotional Period, the Promoter may at their absolute discretion contact some Entrants either via phone calland/or in writing, to further discuss the details of that person’s Entry. Any contact is not indicative of an Entrant’s standing inthe competition, and does no way indicate whether or not that Entrant has been selected as a Contestant/Finalist/Winner.All decisions of Judging are at the discretion of the Promoter and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard.Prize DetailsType Prize No. Available ValueMajor Random Prizes which may include: CD’s, DVD’s, Tickets to an event, Merchandise, Vouchers, OR Cash.75 Depending on the prize,the value may vary from$10- $1,000 in value.Prize subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the Prize provider. Prize winners’ details may be provided to a PrizeProvider for the purposes of prize fulfilment.© Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd – 2013 vL052013 - RegionalPrize Restrictions If the Prize winner, or recipient or participant in a challenge or activity conducted in connection with this Promotion is under 18years of age, a parent or legal guardian of that person must be present for the duration of that event, as one of the participants.All tickets are only valid for the date or period specified on the tickets or by the provider, and are subject to any terms andconditions imposed by the provider. Once awarded, the Promoter is not liable for any ticket that has been lost, stolen, forged,damaged or tampered with in any way.Total Prize Pool Up to $7,500.00Notification ofWinnersWinners will be notified by telephone within 2 days of being determined.© Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd – 2013 vL052013 - RegionalConditions of Entry1. The Promoter is (jointly and severally where applicable) Southern CrossAustereo Pty Ltd (ABN 78 109 243 110) (together with each of its RelatedBodies Corporate which holds a commercial radio broadcasting licence for astation listed. Related Bodies Corporate has the meaning given to it under theCorporations Act 2001 (Cth)).2. Instructions and information on how to enter form part of these Conditions ofEntry. Participation in this Promotion constitutes acceptance of theseConditions of Entry (and Schedule). Any capitalised terms used in theseConditions of Entry have the meaning given in the Schedule, unless statedotherwise.3. All decisions and actions of the Promoter relating to the Promotion and/orredemption of the prizes are exercised accordingly at its absolute discretionand are final. No discussions or correspondence with entrants or any otherperson will be entered into.4. If the Promotion is not capable of being conducted due to circumstancesbeyond the Promoter’s control, including due to any technical orcommunications problems, the Promoter reserves the right to amend,suspend or cancel the Promotion subject to approval from any relevantauthority.5. The Promoter may (subject to State Regulations) vary the terms of, orterminate, this Promotion at any time at its absolute discretion without liabilityto any entrant, contestant or other person. The Promoter will not award theprize if the Promotion is terminated for whatever reason.6. To enter the Promotion, entrants must complete the Entry Procedure andcomply with all other applicable requirements during the Promotion Period.Eligibility to enter the Promotion is subject to the Entry Restrictions. ThePromotion will be conducted during the Promotion Period.7. Directors, management, employees and contractors of the Promoter andthose of any agencies, retailers and suppliers directly associated with thisPromotion and the immediate family members of these people are ineligible toenter. “Immediate family member” means spouse, parent, natural or adoptedchild, and sibling (whether natural or adopted by a parent), whether or notthey live in the same household as the director, manager, employee, officer orcontractor.8. A person who has won a prize valued at $10,000 or more in any competitionrun by the Promoter in the previous six (6) months prior to their Entry in thisCompetition is automatically ineligible to enter.9. Entrants can enter the Promotion up to the Maximum Number of Entries.Entries must be submitted separately and each Entry must individually meetthe Entry Requirements and be subject to the Entry Restrictions. Automated -computer - generated entries will not be accepted.10. Entries must be received by the Promoter and will be deemed to have beenreceived at the time of receipt by the Promoter. Online, SMS and otherelectronic entries are deemed to have been received at the time of receipt intothe Promotion database and not at the time of transmission by the entrant.11. Ineligible or late entries will be deemed to be invalid. No responsibility isaccepted by the Promoter for late, lost, misdirected, ineligible or illegible /inaudible entries (including lost, stolen, forged, defaced or damaged proof ofEntry or things required by the Verification Requirements).12. Entries and the content contained in those entries become the property of thePromoter. Once submitted, no changes to or withdrawal of an Entry will bepermitted. Entries will not be returned by the Promoter.13. If the Promotion game involves an element of game of skill all valid entries willbe judged by the Judge(s) based upon the Judging Criteria, and chance playsno part in determining that element of the outcome. If a Prize is awarded bydraw, the prize draw(s) will be conducted in accordance with the DrawDetails. The first valid Entry randomly drawn will win a Prize. If a winningEntry is invalid, that Entry will be disregarded and the prize will be awarded bydrawing the next valid Entry in accordance with these Conditions of Entry.14. Winners will be notified in accordance with the Notification of Winners andPublication Details. Winners’ names and State/Territory of residence will bepublished as specified in the Schedule. The Promoter and the companiesand agencies associated with this Promotion may also publish the name andState/Territory of the winners on the Website(s).15. A winner has rights under the Australian Consumer Law and other similarlegislation which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified by the Promoter.These rights include a statutory guarantee that any services provided by thePromoter will be rendered with due care and skill and that any goods will be ofacceptable quality. These Conditions of Entry do not exclude, restrict ormodify those statutory rights in any way. However, to the extent it is permittedby law to do so, the Promoter makes no representations or warranties,express or implied, other than the Australian Consumer Law, regarding thequality and suitability of the prize awarded under these Conditions of Entryand will not be responsible for breach of any such implied terms.16. The Promoter and/or its representatives may conduct security and/orverification checks (including enforcement of the Verification Requirements) intheir absolute discretion to determine the bona fides of an entrant’s eligibilityto enter the Promotion.17. SMS Entry: The maximum cost of each SMS is 55 cents (inc GST), whethersent during the Promotion Period or not. Entrants must have a compatiblemobile phone with a service provider that permits text messaging to thePromotion SMS number. Entrants may need to consult their service providerto enter the Promotion. SMS entries must be submitted from the entrant’smobile phone. Phone Line: The maximum cost of a standard call to thePromotion phone line is 55 cents (inc GST), whether calls are made thePromotion Period or not. Higher rates may apply for calls made from mobileor public phones.18. Throughout any Contesting Period the Promoter may also contact entrants tointeract with the station on air / online / in social media in relation to thePromotion. This does not form part of any judging process nor does itindicate that the entrant is a Contestant.19. If an entrant / winner is not successfully contacted in a telephone call orattempted telephone call by the Promoter related to participation or Entry inthe Promotion (including where a third party answers the telephone on thecontestant or winner’s behalf) that entrant will be disqualified and areplacement contestant or winner (whichever is applicable) will be selected bythe Promoter.20. If in the course of a telephone call related to participation or Entry in thePromotion, the telephone line drops out or breaks up the Promoter mayproceed to another caller. In such event, the Promoter will not be responsiblefor the awarding of any prize to the caller whose line dropped out ordisconnected for whatever reason.21. The Promoter is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction ofany telephone network or lines, computer online systems, communicationnetwork, computer equipment, software, technical problems or trafficcongestion on the Internet or at any web site, or any combination thereof,including any error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft,destruction, transmission interruption, communications failure or otherwisepreventing entrants from successfully submitting an Entry, any injury ordamage to entries or to participants’ or any other person's computer related toor resulting from participation in or downloading any materials in thisPromotion.22. The Promoter may, in its sole discretion, declare any or all entries invalid,and/or prohibit further participation by an entrant in this Promotion or a prizeevent/activity if the entrant:(a) Disrupts, annoys, abuses, threatens, harasses or attempts to do any ofthese things to the Promoter, another entrant or potential entrant of, oranyone else associated with, this Promotion; and/or(b) Engages in conduct in relation to this Promotion which is misleading,deceptive, fraudulent or damaging to the Promoter’s goodwill orreputation; and/or(c) Does not comply with any reasonable directions or guidelines notified tothem in connection with the Promotion or a prize event/activity.23. Should an entrant be deemed by the Promoter to be ineligible, the entrantmay not participate further in the Promotion. All decisions are at the discretionof the Promoter and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard.24. Where an Entry is deemed invalid (at the Promoter’s absolute discretion) priorto the Prize Claim Date, the Promoter may determine a new winner inaccordance with the Unclaimed Prize Arrangements. Prizes unclaimed aftera period of three (3) months will be forfeited subject to State regulations.25. Prize(s) will be awarded as specified in to the Prize Details. If a Prize isunavailable for any reason, the Promoter, at its discretion, may substitute it foranother item of equal or higher value. The Prize(s) is/are subject to any prizerestrictions specified in the Schedule. The Total Prize Pool is specified in theSchedule. All Prize values stated are the recommended retail value asprovided by the supplier, are in Australian dollars and are correct at the timeof preparation of these Conditions of Entry.26. All Prizes and/or parts of the Prize(s) are subject to availability, nontransferableand non-exchangeable, must be used on any dates specified inthese terms and conditions and/or as stipulated by the prize provider and arenot redeemable for cash unless cash is specified. The Promoter and/or anominated Prize Provider will not be responsible or liable if for any reasonbeyond their reasonable control any element of any prize is not provided. ThePromoter will not be liable for any damage to or delay in transit of prizes, orfor any compensation in relation to those prizes.27. If a Prize involves a “meet and greet” element with a celebrity/artist/publicfigure this is subject to the availability of that third party and will be at thediscretion of the celebrity/artist/public figure’s management and will at alltimes be subject to the availability. The Promoter and/or a nominated PrizeProvider will not be liable for the failure of the winner and any accompanyingguests to meet the celebrity/artist/public figure for whatever reason, and nocash or alternative tickets will be awarded in lieu of that element of the prize.28. If a Prize involves travel, no other costs will be included and all expenses(including, but not limited to, the costs of transport to and from a prize venueand meals), other than those specifically referred to, will be at each winner’sand (if applicable) their accompanying guest’s cost. Accommodation is forroom charges only. The Promoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider will notbe liable for the failure of the winner and any accompanying guests to meettravel schedules or cancellations for whatever reason and regardless as tofault, and no cash or alternative tickets or bookings will be awarded in lieu ofthat element of the prize.© Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd – 2013 vL052013 - Regional29. If a Prize involves tickets to an event, the Promoter and/or a nominated PrizeProvider will not be responsible for any changes in times or dates, orcancellations or rescheduling of events that may prevent the prize winnerfrom redeeming the prize or any part of it; and no cash or alternative ticketswill be awarded in lieu of that element of the prize.30. The Promoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider, accepts no responsibility forany tax implications that may arise from winning of the prizes. Independentfinancial advice should be sought. The Promoter takes no responsibility forvariations in the prize value.31. The Promoter reserves the right to request winners to provide proof ofidentity, proof of residency and/or proof of Entry validity (for example, a phonebill or store receipt for purchase requirement) in order to claim a prize. Proofof identity, residency and/or Entry validity considered suitable for verificationis at the Promoter’s discretion. In the event that a winner cannot providesuitable proof, the winner will forfeit the prize in whole and no substitute willbe offered.32. If a prize winner does not redeem any element of a prize at the time stipulatedthen that element of the prize will be forfeited by the winner and cash will notbe awarded in lieu of that prize or any part of it.33. Entrants may be required by the Promoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider,to participate in photo, recording, video and/or film session(s) andacknowledge that they assign the right to use such publicity materials in anymedium (including, without limitation, the internet) and in any reasonablemanner it sees fit.34. It is a condition of Entry that the Promoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider,has the right to publicise, broadcast and communicate to the public thenames, characters, likenesses or voices of entrants for any promotion ormatter incidental to the Promotion. By agreeing to enter, all entrants consentto their Entry broadcast on air and/or to their telephone and otherconversations with the Promoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider, beingbroadcast on air and communicated to the public on via any medium.Entrants will not be compensated for this use.35. By entering this Promotion all entrants: (a) assign to the Promoter and/or anominated Prize Provider, all rights including present and future copyright intheir Entry and the publicity materials in all media (including, without limitation,the internet) and whether in existence now or created in the future; (b) agreenot to assert any moral rights in respect of their Entry and the publicitymaterials (wherever and whenever such rights are recognised) against thePromoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider, its assigns, licensees andsuccessors in title; and (c) undertake to the Promoter that their Entry is not inbreach of any third party intellectual property rights.36. If Entry requires the entrant to submit content, Entrants are required to takefull responsibility for the content of their Entry and for ensuring that their Entrycomplies with the Conditions of Entry. For the purposes of these contentrequirements, “Entry Content” includes any content (including text, photos,videos and email messages) that entrants submit, upload, transmit, publish,communicate or use in connection with their Entry into the Promotion.37. Entry Content must be the entrant’s original work. The Promoter reserves theright to verify, or to require the entrant to verify, that the Entry is the entrant’soriginal work. If an Entry cannot be verified to the Promoter’s satisfaction, theEntry will be deemed invalid. The Promoter may, in its absolute discretion,edit, modify, delete, remove or take-down any part of Entry Content.38. By submitting an Entry to the Promotion, each entrant assigns all rights in theEntry Content to the Promoter and consents to the Promoter using the EntryContent in any manner the Promoter wishes (including modifying, adapting orpublishing the Entry, whether in original or modified form, in whole or in partor not at all), by way of all media, without payment to the entrant (of royalties,compensation or otherwise). By submitting an Entry, each entrant consentsto any dealings with the Entry Content that may otherwise infringe their moralrights in the Entry. The Promoter may copy any content submitted as part ofan Entry, cause the content to be seen and/or heard in public, andcommunicate the content to the public. It may also allow third parties to dothese things.39. Entry Content must not include:(a) Any image, video, recording or other kind of depiction of any otherperson without that person’s express consent If a person is a minor, theexpress consent of the minor’s parent or guardian must be obtainedbefore being included in any Entry Content. Entrants warrant that if anysuch content is included, they have obtained the express consent of therelevant person;(b) Any content that contravenes any law, infringes the rights of any personor is obscene, offensive, potentially defamatory, discriminatory, indecentor otherwise objectionable or inappropriate (which includes, withoutlimitation, any content involving nudity, malice, excessive violence orswearing); and(c) Any literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, any audio-visual or soundrecording, or any other item in which copyright subsists, unless theentrant is entitled to do so. If an entrant has any doubts about whetherthey have the right to include any content (for example, recorded music)they must not include it. By including any such content in their Entry,the entrant warrants that they have the permission of the relevantcopyright owner to do so and that this permission allows the Promoter touse the Entry in accordance with the Conditions of Entry.40. Entrants are advised that they may not use or disclose to any third party anyinformation which the Promoter has advised them is confidential. Thisincludes any information that comes into the possession of the Entrantconcerning the management of the Promotion.41. Entrants release Facebook and its associated companies from all liabilityarising in respect of the Promotion and acknowledge that: (a) the Promotionis in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with,Facebook; (b) any information provided by the entrant in connection with thePromotion is provided to the Promoter and not to Facebook; and (c) anyquestions, comments or complaints regarding the Promotion will be directedto the Promoter, not to Facebook.42. The entrant acknowledges that there may be inherent risks involved inentering this Promotion or taking or participating in the Prize(s). If Entry or aPrize involves travel, stunts or challenges the Promoter may require theparticipants to:(a) Submit to a medical examination by a medical practitioner approved bythe Promoter and obtain relevant medical clearance to participate in thePromotion and/or redeem a Prize; and/or(b) Execute a Deed of Release and Indemnity in a form prescribed by thePromoter in order to participate further in the Promotion and/or redeema Prize.43. Any entrant, prize winner and/or participants in a Promotion event may berequired to sign an acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability forparticipation in the Promotion or a Prize event and to expressly acknowledgethat Entry into this Promotion or participation in a Promotion or Prize eventmay be inherently dangerous, and that if they choose to participate they willdo so at their own risk. In particular, a reasonable level of health and fitnessmay be required. The Promoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider, reservesthe right to preclude participation of anyone refusing to sign theacknowledgement / waiver or any person who is suffering from asthma,epilepsy, significant back or neck problems, physical or mental disabilities, oris pregnant or in the Promoter and/or a nominated Prize Provider’s, solediscretion is not able to participate in any of the experiences for their own oranyone’s safety.44. The Promoter and its agencies and representatives associated with thisPromotion, including and/or a nominated Prize Provider, will not be liable forany loss (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss), damageor personal injury which is suffered or sustained (including without limitation tothat caused by any person’s negligence) relating to this Promotion or theawarding or taking of the prizes except for any liability which cannot beexcluded by law (in which case liability is limited to the minimum amountallowable by law).Please Note – Privacy45. By entering the Promotion, you agree to the Promoter collecting, storing andusing your personal information for its marketing purposes, includingcontacting by electronic messaging (email and SMS) for the purposes ofmarking and administration, including contact the Entrant about futurepromotions, special offers, goods and/or services. The Promoter and/or anominated Prize Provider, may use any personal information entrants providein connection with this competition for the purpose of running the Promotion,and also in in advertisements, publications, media statements and otherpromotional material associated with the Promotion. The Promoter maydisclose the personal information entrants provide for those purposes to itsrelated bodies corporate, contractors and agencies connected with thisPromotion and to relevant authorities in the Relevant States.46. The Promoter is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in thePrivacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Promoter’s privacy policy can be viewed To request access to, or to update,personal information the Promoter holds about them, entrants can contact theoffice of the Promoter or In addition to the privacy terms set out; if the entrant has ticked an “opt-in” boxupon entering the Promotion an Entrant also agrees to the Promoterdisclosing and using their personal information to a nominated Prize Providerand/or a third party directly associated with the Promotion, as nominated inthe consent, to contact you about that parties special offers, updates, and or,for the purposes of direct marketing (including via electronic means).